About three months ago me and my fiancée started playing a solo Pathfinder Campaign using the Inner Sea Campaign Setting. At some point during the campaign we have realised that it would be nice if she could invest all these nice gold pieces she was gathering into building a base of operations for herself and also starting up a business (actually several)

We bought the Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign guide which looked like a very nice way of accomplishing what we wanted but soon enough realised that the system did not cater to our needs. Partly because of its simplicity and partly because the numbers made no sense.

So we have decided to start writing a book that will go through how people used to live and build their homes and businesses during the medieval times and how this would translate into a Fantasy world, where magic, orcs and dragons are actually a possible occurrence.

This Project will be divided into 2 sections

  • Living Everyday life
  • Running a Kingdom

We want to discuss issues like how Kingdoms, Theocracies and Republics used to be run, how did the medieval economy worked,  and many more exciting things. Specifically, amongst others, we will provide you with alternative rules on:

  • Crafting Items (mundane and magical, from Ore to +5 Longsword of Awesomeness)
  • Building a Structure  (house, villa, workshop, Inn, Tower, a whole castle… you name it)
  • Running your own business (Smithy, Guild, Academy, Workshop, Bakery, Inn, Casino … )
  • Running all the Things (Village, City, Kingdom, War band, Army)
  • Building Infrastructure (Roads, Aqueducts, Mines & Quarries, Lumber mills, Bridges etc)
  • Conducting Diplomacy (What does it mean to have a Trade Agreement, a Defensive Alliance and does this cover Dragon Attacks?)

In addition we will be writing articles on things like:

  • How much does a labourer/craftsman make for a days work?
  • How are taxes paid and to whom
  • How people communicate from one village to the other
  • What does it take build your Kingdom
  • How dangerous is it to live in the Frontier compared to outside the walls of a Metropolis
  • How can I build a Ballista and put it in “Good use”
  • How long does it take to travel over land and over sea

And many, many other questions like that.

I really hope that you will enjoy reading our articles and that we will hear from you with questions and feedback.

About Dimitris Romeo Havlidis

My name is Dimitris Romeo. I am a dyslexic one-eyed, web architect, developer and designer with a passion for photography, User Experience and telling stories.I spend my free time taking photos, watching tv series, cooking and watering my plants.I love lemon tarts, audiobooks, top hats, fantasy and science fiction in all its forms.

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