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Sure Hump-Day can suck, but we’ve decided to turn it into a *Hooray-Day* by releasing a new writing hook every week! Each edition will feature an image of an artefact, a complementary writing hook, and a little about its historical provenance, with a further reading option. We’d love to hear about the stories and adventures you wrote with them – be sure to detail them in the comments below! You can subscribe for more writing hooks, or find them on Facebook or Twitter.

The Writing Hook

As you walk through the town, a beautiful woman catches your eye as she stops for a moment and glimpses in a mirror. She is well-dressed and attended by a maid. A small child brushes past her, and a second later she cries out “It’s gone! He stole it! It’s gone!.”
If the characters do not wish to rush to her aid, she will seek to engage them to recover her stolen property for a reward of money or other wealth. The woman may be in earnest, but also may be attempting to lure the party into a tricky situation.

The Historical Facts

This mirror case, carved from Elephant ivory, was made in Paris. It would have been an exotic, expensive and luxury item, although akin to a modern-day compact in function. It dates from 1350-75. The scene depicts a pair of lovers, and it set around with lions.

You can read more about the actual artefact here:

How would you use this writing hook for your writing or role-playing campaigns? How would you make this writing hook better? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Janet Forbes is a London-based professional musician, a classical soprano and recorder player performing everything from medieval polyphony to contemporary opera. You can find out about her “real job” at on her website. Janet is also a keen historian, archaeologist, writer, role playing games player, and the Mother-of-Kittens.

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