Please note that although we do the best we can to interpret historical data and to simplify solid scientific research (made by actual historians and other academics) we are not claiming any professorial expertise on historical subjects related to the medieval/middle ages.

We more than happy to be corrected and receive any feedback you might have to give, as long as it is founded by proper academic research.

We do apologise in advance if we offend/disgruntled any historians – this is not our intention. This is a learning process for us as well!

We do try to keep it as clean as possible and refer to all references that we can find by name and publication.


All images shown on this website are either public domain, Creative commons (Unattributed or Attributed) or created by us. Attribution and public domain are checked via Google Images.

Attributed images are always linked to the artist that created the artwork. If you wish to communicate with us regarding any artwork as such please emails us at hello@lostkingdom.net

Historical sources

Unless mentioned all historical sources are based on the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Ireland) and in some rare occasions France.

When we refer to Medieval times or Middle ages we mean the period between 1060 and 1550. If an article (like articles concerning the Age of Sail) goes beyond this it will be stated in the article.

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